Manual for parents - Protecting children form abuse

Manual for children - Protecting children from abuse

Monitoring Report - Children’s Regional Strategy in Shkodra

Participatory budgeting in local decision making

Study Analysis - Indicators of Violence against children in Albania

Compilation of the International Acts on Child Rights ratified by Albania

Booklet - Children in albania

Albanian legislation and child participation

Study report - "Children in Albania"

Booklet "Hygiene is health"

Photo Album "Tyl"

Children - Our European future

Minors status in albania


Informal areas hygiene landscape and infective illness prevention

Training manual “Domestic violence of children”

Eliminating corporal punishment - a human rights imperative for Europe’s children

"Compasito" - Manual on human rights education for children

Aflatun 2 - Social- financial education for children and youth

Afaltun - Social- financial education for children and youth

Manual for parents "Child rights since the moment of birth"

Brochure - "Tell me more about the court"

Manual “for you and your child

Human rights and children education

Study report "poverty and children in albania"