Strengthening Civil Society to Build Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism

Tirana 7 March. In the framework of sub-granting scheme of the project “Strengthening Civil Society to Build Youth Resilience to Counter Violent Extremism” financed by EU and implemented by Terre des hommes Foundation Mission in Albania in partnership with ISD, CCG and Beder University,” Children Today implemented the project “School Community Centers and Youth Response in Preventing Violent Extremism and Radicalism”. The project is an attempt to approach the violent extremism and radicalism phenomena in the community, through School as a key unit. . It has an emphasis on rising of awareness of schools staffs, youth and local actors on the dangers of violent extremism. The project aims also on revealing positive examples of joint youth and community activities in the promotion of positive, non-violent societal values. The project will be implemented for the period March – November 2018, in Librazhd / Dorëz secondary united school “Shefqet Dosku”, Elbasan Qark. Activities will focus institutional meetings with central and local stakeholder, teachers training, school youth, peer information sessions on preventing violent extremism, through promoting tolerance and values of human rights.