Trainings with schools staff on violence against children

Qendra “ Fėmijėt Sot” organized 5 trainings with 175 representatives from the Education Offices of Elbasan, Dibėr, Kavaja, Durrės and Shkodėr in frame of COMBI (Communication for Behavioral Impact) Programme. The aim was to introduce the Working Plan in which will be guided the implementation of COMBI Programme, in the field of violence against children in Educational Institutions. The training gave a chance to representatives to discuss about the tasks/duties and responsibilities in order to implement the second phase of the National COMBI Programme in Albania: Coordinators and Lawyers of “New Way Discipline” (NWD) what should schools do, organizing the Café Talks, creating the COMBI Board, distributing promotional materials and PEET Cards, commitment of students and community to reduce violence against children, etc. Also, the aim was creating a collaborative relation with school representatives and educational offices in regions in order to implement the Programme. Representatives of educational institutions, school principals, teachers, psychologists expressed their commitment in this second phase of addressing cases of violence against children in schools and promoting NWD. Promotional / communication materials were delivered ( posters, information sheet for teachers, information sheets for students, information sheets for the lawyers network, PEET Card, etc). COMBI is a National Programme of the Ministry of Education and Sports (MAS) in the area of violence against children. It is implemented by Qendra “Fėmijėt Sot” in partnership with central and local institutions under MAS, Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, State Agency for Protection of Children’s Rights, supported by UNICEF Albania.