Project/Assignment Title: Documenting the second phase of Program “Protecting Children from Violence in Albania” COMBI (TOR)

Terms of Reference (TOR) Project/Assignment Title: Documenting the second phase of Program “Protecting Children from Violence in Albania” COMBI Background Center Children Today in Tirana ( QFS) , together with its partner Ministry of Education and Sport (MAS) is implementing the project “Protecting Children from Violence in Albania” COMBI financed by UNICEF; 18 months: June, 2015 – December, 2016 National Programme COMBI “COMMUNICATION FOR BEHAVIORAL IMPACT” is a joint initiative of The Ministry of Education and Sport, the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth, the State Agency for the Protection of Child Rights, UNICEF, and the Children Today Center in relation to the elimination of violence against children in schools and institutions. The overall objective of the COMBI Programme is to ensure that children are protected from any form of violence as foreseen in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by the Republic of Albania and as prescribed by the fundamental principles of the Constitution of the Republic of Albania. In addition, the aim of the COMBI Programme is the prevention of violence against children in schools, in the public as well as private sector primary education on a national scale; and public institutions of social care through the promotion of New Disciplining Method (NDM) during the period from October 2015 until January 2017.It is a pioneering programme in the framework of the current efforts of the Albanian Government to undertake intensive action for the prevention of violence against children in the country. The National COMBI Programme is a communication programme providing a new disciplining method in the public and non-public pre-university education system and social care institutions, in line with a new mentality that goes against all forms of physical or psychological violence against children. Rationale for the Documentation The project doesn’t originally foresee undertaking of a project documentation report. It was agreed between partners based on the need to document the whole second phase practice as the need for replication always arises. Purpose of the Documentation General aim of the report is to document the overall practice/activities of COMBI program during its second phase. It will additionally serve to build evidence upon best practices, examples, case stories and results achieved. Methodology The documentation will be descriptive. Suggested elements of methodology to be applied for the documentation: • Desktop study / desk review of COMBI activities during second phase • On-site projects visits / beneficiaries and the project team • Preparation of Draft Documentation Report and submission of draft evaluation report to the project team to receive feedback • Finalization of the Documentation Report Main issues to be addressed: • What is COMBI? • NWD and PEET process • Main activities realized during second phase • Main achievements / challenges • Promising practices • Conclusions and recommendations The documentation will follow a participatory approach, aiming to be also a learning process. Qualifications and skills • University Degree in development, humanities /social sciences; • Excellent knowledge on child/human rights issues in Albania and globally • Excellent communication skills; • Excellent writing skills • Demonstrated ability to work in a team. • Fluency in written and spoken English; • Computer literate. The contracted expert has to ensure that has no conflict of interest in connection with the project to be evaluated. Ethical issues: The expert has to comply with QFS Child Protection Policy. Duration The expert will be expected to be on the assignment for a total of 2 months. The work is expected to start in November 2016 and be completed by mid December 2016. Final Report to be submitted on December 15, 2016. Working language The working language is Albanian. Application Procedure Please forward your CV with a letter of interest at within 30 October 2016.